Ideal design for a more comfy sleep.

At the end of an exhausting day we all are seeking a comfy and cool sleep night to get the most relaxation we need. It is true that a good pillow is your key to getting relaxed sleep. But to choose that pillow you need to think a lot to find the best one especially with all the options we find these days.

No more frustration.

With all of these options, Rigoros comes today to ease your thinking and choosing process that it presents to you the amazing Rigoros Coolgel Pillow.

Rigoros Coolgel pillow will be comfortable and squashy enough to offer you the best sleeping experience. It comes in C shape to suit your body joints' posture, so it offers you the most comfortable body position that reduces any pain in your head, neck and backbone.

New design with a new option.

Rigoros Coolgel Pillow comes with a cool gel panel that helps you find coolness and softness whenever you move your head over the pillow. This cool gel panel will absorb your body heat overnight which makes it your best friend on warm days.

Today Rigoros Coolgel Pillow is your perfect option that you will enjoy the softness and comfort of the traditional pillow as well as the cool sleep experience thanks to the cool gel panel.

Rigoros comes with extra features.

The pillow comes with a memory foam made of the dense polyurethanes, which is low in elasticity at the same time. So it will be great in absorbing more than 95% of any impact.

It also has flexibility to restore the memory foam which keeps it perfectly in the original shape whatever happened. With this amazing ability your pillow will stay in shape in any sleeping position.

Rigoros Coolgel Pillow supports the cervical vertebrae in a C shape which reduces the pressure on your body such as your head, neck and backbone.

Durable and easy to use.

Rigoros Coolgel Pillow comes in a very high quality material as well as it is an easy washing product.

To wash Rigoros Coolgel Pillow:

Open the zipper to separate the cover and wash it, remove and clean the pillow cover while using it.


  • - Do not wash or iron the pillow body.
  • -Try not to damage the thin film surrounding the memory foam.

If the pillow body is unclean, just wipe it with a wet cloth and let it dry.

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