Get your kitchen ready for Ramadan with some cooking necessities.

Ramadan! That time of the year is almost here again. Ramadan is the time to perform more ibadah and enjoy its blessings but also need time to prepare meals for suhoor and iftar.

Let’s face it, Ramadan is not a food festival. Today we will help you prioritize your plans and get ready for the holy month. 

Prepare your kitchen with important kitchenware such as:

Cookware Sets

Cookware pots are essential pieces in your kitchen that ease your plans for Ramadan dishes.

The good quality pots with different sizes and the non-stick surface will help you clean it or pop it easily in the dishwasher.

In family gathering events they will save your time especially if they heat up quickly.

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Air Fryers

Healthy food is something we all deserve but fried food is something we all love and one of our lovely Ramadan dishes is sambousa. For the sake of a guilt-free sambousa we should have an air fryer. It offers you fried food with 80% fat less.

They are not only for frying but also baking and grilling...etc

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Food Processors

Who does not love Bashamel pasta and soups that's why the food processor is an important multitask item in our kitchen. It comes with different functions that help you chop vegetables and mince meat in a few minutes especially for sambousa and Bechamel.

  • A good food processor is:

  • - Multifunctional.

  • - Easy to clean.

  • - Has a large mixing bowl.

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Bakeware Sets

To enjoy the most known Ramadan dishes make sure to equip your kitchen with a unique and durable bakeware set.

The oven dishes are the hero in the Ramadan menu. So choose the baking trays that suit different dishes like lasagna and cakes.

The good ones come with an elegant design and different sizes to be served on the spot. 

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Juicers & Blenders

In Ramadan the first thing we go for is fresh drinks, the juicer is the best appliance for this. All you need for fresh juice is a slow juicer that allows you to blend and juice any kind of fruit.

It helps keep fibers and vitamins in your juice. 

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Stand Mixers

In Ramadan, we all love preparing pastries so we need an appliance for whipping, whisking and mixing. The key is a stand mixer that allows you to prepare pastries easily.

Choose a stand mixer with an optimized speed and a large bowl to smooth your mixing.

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Pressure Cookers

With the busy lifestyle in Ramadan, we need time to prepare our favorite dishes. This nightmare ends with the press of a button. 

If you want to save time while cooking then the pressure cooker is your opportunity to save more than 50% of your time. And its large capacity for cooking large amounts of food in a short time. Also, you will get tastier food with this multifunctional appliance. 

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