HA Essence with Vit.C - Buy 4 Get 4 & Gifts

HA Essence with Vit.C - Buy 4 Get 4 & Gifts

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HA Essence with Vit.C - Buy 4 Get 4 & Gifts
HA Essence with Vit.C - Buy 4 Get 4 & Gifts

In stock

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    Give your skin a new lease of life with Cobor’s HA Essence with Vit.C that’ll boost your skin’s radiance, and help it look healthy inside out! Whether you’re suffering from loss of moisture, uneven skin tone, pigmentation or wrinkles, this intensely powerful essence by Cobor offers you a solution for all your skin needs in just one bottle!

    While Hyaluronic acid is a pretty potent skin healer on its own, the formula of Cobor’s HA Essence is also packed with Vitamin C that restores radiance, protects skin against pigmentation, and reduces wrinkles by protecting skin from free radicals and environmental damage. Instead of having to purchase Hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin C serums separately, Cobor offers this dynamic duo in one single formula that’ll help give your skin the moisture boost that it needs and restore the youthful glow of your skin! 

    Still contemplating on why this is the best offer for you? Cobor’s 80ml serum bottles offer you more serum than other regular brands that sell 30ml or 50ml bottles only. Besides, Cobor offers you not just one, but EIGHT HA Essence with Vit.C serums in addition to 1 Box of Pomegranate Extract Hydrogel Mask & another box of Snail Extract Hydrogel Mask as FREE GIFTS!

    All serums come in anti-oxidation airless pump bottles that protect the active ingredients from oxidation to ensure the efficiency of the product.


    • Rich in Small Molecule Hyaluronic Acid Essence that Provides Moisture, Dilutes Fine Lines, Repairs Elasticity and Shrinks Pores
    • Hyaluronic Acid itself Has a Short Lifespan and the Body Must Produce it Each Day to Maintain the Levels Necessary for the Repair and Regeneration of Tissues 
    • 1000 Face Masks = Same Effect as 1 Hyaluronic Syringe
    • Features Vitamin C - A Powerful Antioxidant to Neutralize Free Radicals that Cause Skin Aging
    • Combines the Benefits of HA & Vitamin C in One Formula
    • More Serum - 80 ml Bottle – Which is Larger than Regular Serum Brands that Sell 30ml Or 50ml Bottles Only
    • Anti-Oxidation Airless Pump Bottle – Protects the Active Ingredients from Oxidation to Ensure the Efficiency of the Product
    • Brand from France

    Combined Benefits (HA + Vitamin C):

    •  - Intensely hydrating and moisturizing skin (HA)
    •  - Promoting skin elastin and collagen production ((HA)
    •  - Improving skin texture, making it smooth, soft, and supple (HA)
    •  - Reducing dark circles and puffiness around your eyes by lifting and plumping skin (HA)
    •  - Brightening the skin giving it a radiant complexion (Vitamin C)
    •  - Promoting even skin tone by reducing skin pigmentation (Vitamin C)
    •  - Effectively protecting skin against DNA damage – environmental factors (HA + Vitamin C)
    •  - Actively fighting free radicals in the body - potent antioxidant - internal factors (HA + Vitamin C)
    •  - Reducing inflammation, and soothing irritation, thus promoting skin healing and repair (HA + Vitamin C)

    Benefits of Cobor - Pomegranate Extract Hydrogel Mask 

    • 30g * 5 pcs
    • ***Energizing, Hydrating & Brightening  
    • ***Intensive Care Antioxidant Hydrogel Mask  
    • ***Suitable for all skin types

    Benefits of Cobor - Snail Extract Hydrogel Mask

    • 30g * 5 pcs
    • ***Regenerating, Repairing & Nourishing
    • ***Intense Care Hydrogel Mask 
    • Suitable for all skin types

    How to Use:

    • 1- Wash and cleanse the face
    • 2- Spray face mist on your face 
    • 3- Get an ample amount of serum and apply it on your face in upward motion until all essence is absorbed
    • 4- Spray face mist again on your face so the serum can absorb more water
    • 5- Gently pat the remaining essence on your skin until all is absorbed
    • 6- Take the sheet mask and put it on your face
    • 7- Keep the sheet mask for 10-15 minutes
    • 8- Pat the remaining essence until fully absorbed


    • 4 Cobor HA With Vitamin C Serum with 4 FREE (includes the ff):
    • *** 8 Pcs of 10 ml refill tubes 
    • *** 2 refillable applicators
    • 1 x FREE Box of Pomegranate Extract Hydrogel Mask (5 pc sheet mask)
    • 1 x FREE Box of Snail Extract Hydrogel Mask (5 pc sheet mask)