Cold Press Slow Juicer Royal Collection with EF408 Food processor & Drip coffee

Cold Press Slow Juicer Royal Collection with EF408 Food processor & Drip coffee

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Want to upgrade your kitchen gear without spending tons of money on new appliances? No worries, we’ve got you covered with an offer like no other! Now, and only for a limited time, we offer you Balzano’s EK3068 Cold Press Slow Juicer with Balzano’s Cz24GRML 24L Air Fryer Oven in one single bundle that will make mealtime prep a breeze for you!

Balzano’s EK3068 Cold Press Slow Juicer offers you 100% natural, and delicious cold-pressed juice in the comfort of your own home! Whether you want to make frozen desserts, ice creams, smoothies, baby food or even puree, this highly-functional slow juicer by Balzano is the perfect tool for the job! Unlike traditional juicers, Balzano’s EK3068 Cold Press Slow Juicer squeezes ingredients slowly and thoroughly, and extracts 80% more juice than a high-speed juicer, thanks to its innovative Slow Squeezing Technology that helps you obtain mouth-wateringly delicious juices full of essential nutrients for the body. It also combines powerful extraction with a quiet 200-watt motor so you can juice large quantities of fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. efficiently. 

Balzano’s EF408 Multifunctional Food Processor is a food processor, blender, citrus press and grinder mill, all in one! Use this versatile machine to perform up to 20 functions and easily prepare ingredients for all your favorite recipes. The versatile stainless steel S-blade chops, mixes and purees, and the stainless steel reversible disc shreds on one side and slices on the other. You can also use the dough blade to make delicious homemade bread!  

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Balzano EK3068 Cold Press Slow Juicer

  • Combines Powerful Extraction with a Quiet 200-Watt Motor So You Can Juice Large Quantities of Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Etc. Efficiently
  • Smooth and Effortless Performance
  • Sparkling Chrome Plated Body 
  • Low-Speed Technology Presses and Extracts the Minerals and Nutrients out of the Mixture
  • Works Seamlessly by Maximizing Nutrient Extraction and Minimizing Oxidation 
  • High Nutritional Value
  • BPA-Free
  • Noise-Free Operation
  • The juicer operates silently without any noise and vibrations. This doesn’t overheat the motor

Balzano EF408 Food processor

  • 820-1100W Motor for Powerful Processing
  • PowerChop Technology for Superior Chopping Performance
  • Break-Resistant Jar 
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Dishwasher Safe Accessories 
  • Suitable for Slicing, Mincing, Chopping, Mixing, Emulsifying, Whisking, Kneading, Grinding, and Milling
  • Big Mouth® Feed Tube Reduces Pre-Cutting to Help You Save Time
  • Comes with a 2.4L Sealed Bowl with Pour Spout to Eliminate Leaks and Prevent Spills When Pouring Ingredients
  • The Blades, Bowl and Lid Are All Dishwasher Safe So You Don't Have to Spend a Lot of Time Cleaning Up
  • All Food Zones are BPA-Free
  • Comes with 7 Accessories to Easily Perform 20+ Functions 
  • Sturdy Base Stands Stable, Even During Kneading 

                      Technical Specifications:

                      Balzano EK3068 Cold Press Slow Juicer

                      • Model: EK3068
                      • Size or Dimensions in cm: 59.8 x 27.2 x 38.5 cm
                      • Weight: 7.88 KG 
                      • Power: 200W

                      Balzano EF408 Food processor

                      • Jar and Bowl Material: Plastic
                      • Wattage: 820-1100W
                      • 220-240V, 50/60Hz
                      • Made in China


                      • 1 x Balzano EK3068 Cold Press Slow Juicer
                      • 1 x Balzano EF408 Food processor
                      • 1 x Drip Coffee Maker