Ezviz Set of 2 Home Cameras & 2 Micro-SD Card 32GB

Ezviz Set of 2 Home Cameras & 2 Micro-SD Card 32GB

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Customize Ezviz Set of 2 Home Cameras & 2 Micro-SD Card 32GB
2 x Ezviz C6TC Home Security Camera   + AED 0.00
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Ezviz Set of 2 Home Cameras & 2 Micro-SD Card 32GB
Ezviz Set of 2 Home Cameras & 2 Micro-SD Card 32GB

In stock

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AED 479.00

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    Keep your family and property safe with Ezviz Set of 2 Home Cameras that allow you to monitor what’s happening inside or outside of your property with greater ease. Whether you would like to monitor the happenings inside your house or keep an eye on the perimeter of your property from the safety of your home, Ezviz Home Cameras can bring you real peace of mind as its Smart Tracking System automatically captures, and tracks motion while delivering alerts and video recordings. Today, and only for a limited time, we offer you not just one, but TWO Ezviz Home Cameras at an exclusive price that you wouldn’t want to miss!

    Ezviz Home Cameras offer you a 360-degree horizontal panorama that includes an expanding field of view coverage with 340-degree horizontal, 80-degree vertical upward, and 10-degree vertical downward rotations. Ezviz C6TC is also equipped with two powerful infrared lights for night vision up to 10 meters to make sure the premises of your home are safe even in the darkest of nights. This high-tech surveillance camera also features a built-in microphone and HIFI quality speakers that enable two-way talk via the camera, and your phone or tablet to help you monitor, and view the surveillance zone with utter convenience. Thanks to the thoughtfully designed privacy shutter, you can always turn the lens off whenever you need privacy.

    The C6TC can be integrated into the EZVIZ alarm systems. Once an alarm is triggered, the camera will capture a picture and video footage, and send them to the device owner.

    Ezviz Set of 2 Home Cameras is available at an irresistible price, only at CITRUSS! 

    Order it NOW before it runs out!


    • Full HD 1080p
    • 360-Degree Horizontal Panorama – The C6TC Includes an Expansion Field of View Coverage with 340-degree Horizontal, 80-degree Vertical Upward, and 10-degree Vertical Downward Rotations.
    • Smart Tracking – Upon Detection of Movement, the C6TC Automatically Captures, and Tracks the Motion While Delivering Alerts and Video Recordings in Real-Time.
    • Privacy Shutter – The Thoughtfully Designed Privacy Shutter Allows You to Turn the Lens off Whenever You Need Privacy.
    • Night Vision – The C6TC is Equipped with Two Powerful Infrared Lights for Night Vision Up to 10 meters (Depending on Environment)
    • Two-way Audio – The Built-in Microphone and HIFI Quality Speakers Enable Two-way Talk via The Camera and Your Phone or Tablet.
    • Integrates with EZVIZ Alarm System – The C6TC Can be Integrated into the EZVIZ Alarm Systems. Once An Alarm is triggered, the camera will capture a Picture and Video Footage, and Send them to the Device Owner.
    • Supports MicroSD Card Slot up to 128GB


    • 2 x Ezviz Home Cameras
    • FREE 2 Micro SD card 32GB

    WARRANTY: 2 Years Warranty

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