LINDBERG NUTRITION is a health, wellness and fitness company established by Mrs. Gladys Lindberg in CA, USA. Dedicated to quality, consistency, and scientific research, LINDBERG offers a wide range of vitamins and dietary supplements that work in harmony with your body to help you live your best life.

Ever since its foundation in 1949, LINDBERG brand name has always been associated with quality, efficiency, and lowest prices as the brand has always been backed up by the professional integrity of its founders - Lindberg family even long before they opened their first store. The brand’s product range includes various health supplements including the Iconic Turmeric Curcumin Complex, the Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies, and the Triple Strength Runfree Joint Formula.

LINDBERG uses in their supplements only the ingredients that meet or exceed high-quality standards; ingredients that Lindberg gave to their own family. All products are subjected to in-house analytical quality tests to test the products’ quality from start to finish. After production, finished products are also tested by 3rd parties to ensure they meet the highest quality standards of purity and potency.

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